2020, You Bitch!

Here’s my bitter farewell to this asshole of a year.

The Beauty of Getting Old

I’ve always held my worth in the way I look. Am I desirable? Do people want to look at me? I’ve been effectively trained to think these things. It has been said that middle aged women are ignored in most situations. I’m dangerously close to this and it’s a shock to the ego. I prideContinue reading “The Beauty of Getting Old”

I was a stripper

I was a mess at 22. It was a hard time. My twin brother had died, we’ll never know definitively how, at 19. In may of that year. I remember the day so clearly. The last day he was alive. I won’t get into it here but it was a catalyst for so many things.Continue reading “I was a stripper”

The Giving Shelf

I’ve lived in New York City for 11 years now. Actually born in NYC, Queens to be exact, but raised in NYC suburbia. I experienced community, helping each other out. Small towns mostly, think Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls. My dad was raised in NYC and always hated when people talked negatively about NYC, howContinue reading “The Giving Shelf”

Making it okay to talk about sexual abuse male or female

I’ve recently joined multiple sites online in an attempt to feel human connection in this worldwide pandemic. If we can walk away with anything good about 2020, it’s that we’ve stripped our masks, the ones we’ve been wearing for years. The ones that made it okay to answer the question “how are you?” With theContinue reading “Making it okay to talk about sexual abuse male or female”

My Terrible trip to the OBGYN

I went to the gynecologist this morning. I’m uninsured right now so I go to a clinic with a sliding scale which means you pay based on your most recent income earned. As you can imagine, the waiting list is very long. I prefer, no, NEED, a female doctor. I’m not comfortable with a manContinue reading “My Terrible trip to the OBGYN”

An American Rant

Capitalism, has no business in the betterment of people. People aren’t commodities. We think, we feel, we’re emotional beings,even if you don’t recognize that. As babies, we cry when we need food because we can’t say we want food. As babies, We cry when we’re hurt because we don’t have the words. We all justContinue reading “An American Rant”

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