The Radio

Fandango’s Story Starter #103 When Ida discovered that she could hear the voices of the dead speaking to her when she tuned into a certain radio station, she decided to live. She had been planning on killing herself for the better part of a month and felt a sense of relief for the first timeContinue reading “The Radio”

52nd Anniversary

52 years! Happy anniversary to my parents. Molly and Benny. They’ve been through so much. My dad chatted up my mom on a NYC subway. He thought she had great legs. She was carrying some bags so naturally he offered to help. That’s what he says but I think it was more. I think relationshipsContinue reading “52nd Anniversary”

Today Many Years Ago…

A person was lost. He was in turmoil, on trial, looking at a prison sentence. He was also loved. We had a barbecue the day before and I now know, he said goodbye. To our little cousins, to me, to the world. I went to bed, in a state of calmness because of this. TheContinue reading “Today Many Years Ago…”

Girl World

Watching previously loved 90’s films like Clueless and currently Mean Girls. Problematic to say the least but it wasn’t recognized at this time. Terms like “retarded” we’re thrown around at will. Any gay character was comic relief nothing else. Asians were “nerds”, there may or may not of been black characters, if there were theyContinue reading “Girl World”

Casey Anthony Doc

Just watched this. Wow! As a survivor of sexual abuse it hit home. I remember this case. I along with everyone condemned her. She killed her kid so she could party like most people in their early 20’s. That was the narrative. How could she smile when her child was missing? Why was her childContinue reading “Casey Anthony Doc”

Cat Zoom Call, Christmas Issues

Harry Hello? Belle Harry? What are you doing with Sammy’s phone? Is she there? Harry She is and she’s being annoying! She’s near me! It’s Belle. She called me while I was sleeping on your phone and she woke me up. Sammy Number 1, DON’T SLEEP ON MY PHONE, Number 2, IT’S MY TURN TOContinue reading “Cat Zoom Call, Christmas Issues”

Molly Rodriguez

This is my mom. Very pregnant with twins. She wasn’t prepared for twins, cried when she found out, but made it work. With support of course from our amazing dad. It’s her birthday today, 12-22. As a kid it was difficult to find a gift for her this close to Christmas Often it had toContinue reading “Molly Rodriguez”

Magical Norway from an American point of view

I visited Scandinavia a couple years ago. Couldn’t tell you how many exactly, there were a couple years that disappeared in the pandemic. I was shocked at their philosophy when it comes to government and what the government does for the people. They have a philosophy. From the cradle to the grave. It means, youContinue reading “Magical Norway from an American point of view”

The Good in Humankind

Reading the recent headlines it’s easy to loose faith in people. Mass shooting in Colorado. Terrorist attack in Israel. A myriad of other more localized violence. If you were an alien from another galaxy and you googled earth, you would think the worst. World wars, massacre’s, genocide. All happened and happening as I write this.Continue reading “The Good in Humankind”

Mrs. Mann

I had a third grade teacher named Mrs. Mann They taught me ancient Egypt mythology, Greek mythology and read from a book that had its protagonist, a happy go lucky kid burns their eyes out by illegal fireworks. It was life changing. The way it was explained. In a perfect way a child could understand.Continue reading “Mrs. Mann”

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