Mrs. Mann

I had a third grade teacher named Mrs. Mann

They taught me ancient Egypt mythology, Greek mythology and read from a book that had its protagonist, a happy go lucky kid burn their eyes out by illegal fireworks.

I loved Mrs. Mann, and now I see that this person was trans. Back in the 80’s.

I remember they were called a “her” at assembly. Yet, They wore a tie and pants everyday. And corrected ppl.

I was young and didn’t know anything but now I remember and appreciate the moment.

It was a moment before we appreciated the moment.

Back in the day, I made a snide comment at a young age that Mrs. Man was actually a her, but I see now how wrong that was.

Gender is fluid. Somehow this is lost in the older generations.

Certainly lost on me.

I have such great confidence in the newer generations.

You’re so much better!

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