Mrs. Mann

I had a third grade teacher named Mrs. Mann

They taught me ancient Egypt mythology, Greek mythology and read from a book that had its protagonist, a happy go lucky kid burns their eyes out by illegal fireworks.

It was life changing. The way it was explained. In a perfect way a child could understand.

I loved Mrs. Mann, and now I see that this person was trans. Back in the 80’s.

I remember they were called a “her” at assembly. Yet, They wore a tie and pants everyday.

I remember a time when we all were talking about Mrs Mann. Why does she wear the clothes she does? They’re man’s clothes.

They heard this and offered answers. “I look like a woman but I wear mens cloths. Do you have any questions?”

We didn’t because we had no context.

That’s what I remember.

There was no way to understand this. But, I loved Mrs. Mann. I didn’t understand them though.

I learned a lot from them.

It was a moment before we appreciated the moment.

Gender is fluid.

Gender roles are thankfully not a thing.

Women are not barefoot and pregnant

Men are not unfeeling robots who pay bills.

Somehow this is lost on the older generations.

Certainly lost on me until I took a look at it.

I have such great confidence in the newer generations.

I support the idea of “them”. It means women aren’t immediately thought of as home makers, men aren’t immediately though if as providers.

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One thought on “Mrs. Mann

  1. Mrs. Mann….how….ironically appropriate!
    Not that this a ridiculous statement- I won’t apologize for finding the humor in it.
    Your words do in fact hold insightful perspective and relevance to social evolution.
    The things we try in most cases to avoid…then cling desperately to them.

    (Also- I must make mention of the fact that you missed me in your comments- for that, I apologize, as it is not indicative of or due to anything negative on your part.)

    I would spend more time if I was ever here on wordpress… I am not a reader of anything.
    Please know I think you are above average and would be your friend for the rest of my life if that’s what you’d like!
    Glad you were born- nuff said.

    ~Fuggit Fist

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