52nd Anniversary

52 years! Happy anniversary to my parents. Molly and Benny. They’ve been through so much.

My dad chatted up my mom on a NYC subway.

He thought she had great legs.

She was carrying some bags so naturally he offered to help.

That’s what he says but I think it was more. I think relationships that last this long are destined. Her soul pinged his soul.

From that subway ride came a lifetime, and two people.

My twin brother and me.

They had some road blocks.

A cat that had to be convinced to welcome another human.

Family not convinced that this was a good thing. My mom’s parents thought a Puerto Rican man would “have you in food stamps”.

My dad’s parents considered my mom a “gringa”. Until they met her.

They had twins. They suffered the loss of one of those twins, in our 19th year.

Taking a moment to appreciate the magnitude of this loss. My parents lost a child.

No parent should outlive their child.

This day that we found out that he had died was so traumatic.

The police showed up with a photo of my twin brothers dead face.

They showed it to my mom and dad.

As per protocol.

I’ll stop there.

There was So much in between that I don’t know.

These are relationship goals! Cheers to this couple!

Especially this 52nd year, since just a few weeks ago, one was not confirmed to survive.

Here’s to you! Molly and Benny! AKA, my mom and dad. I love our relationship. And I love your relationship.

We’re together now, and we’ll be together no matter what. Love you both so much and I couldn’t be luckier to call you my parents!!

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