I’ve never been lonely

As a twin, I’ve never felt this. There’s always been someone. In the womb. From day one of being out of the womb. Like him or not he was there. Part of me. Even when we weren’t in the same physical place. Only twins can really get this. He died. However, I don’t feel he’sContinue reading “I’ve never been lonely”

Mrs. Mann

I had a third grade teacher named Mrs. Mann They taught me ancient Egypt mythology, Greek mythology and read from a book that had its protagonist, a happy go lucky kid burns their eyes out by illegal fireworks. It was life changing. The way it was explained. In a perfect way a child could understand.Continue reading “Mrs. Mann”

Cat Zoom Call: Overlooked for a job

Sammy Sammy is upset but playing it cool, and calling Belle. Belle Hey Sammy. I got your text. What’s the 911? I’ve thrown myself into this pillow. I’m so upset!! Belle I’m listening… Sammy I threw myself on a different pillow because I was just grossly overlooked! Belle Go on. Sammy Well, my male human,Continue reading “Cat Zoom Call: Overlooked for a job”

Cat Zoom Call: Sammy & Bell have an argument about something

Two cats have a disagreement about appropriate cat behavior and forget about their lack of short term memory.

Cat Zoom Call 3 Fed by the Wrong Human

Oh God is she asleep!? Sammy Sorry Belle, In was asleep. What’s up? Belle Something TERRIBLE happened today! Sammy I’m listening… Belle Are you? You look like you’re sleeping… Sammy Nope! Wide awake! Definitely not sleeping! Belle I got up at the same time like I do every morning, I went to the kitchen forContinue reading “Cat Zoom Call 3 Fed by the Wrong Human”

Cat Fiction: The Interloper

Sammy Harry and I have been getting along I guess. He’s annoying but that’s nothing new. There is one thing though. We got a new friend. Cactus. Friend? Actually no. That’s not true. He’s a sheep in wolves’ clothing…An interloper…A fiend…a liar and a cheat. Cactus Harry Cactus? He’s okay! Likes to be scratched. IContinue reading “Cat Fiction: The Interloper”

Cat Fiction: When Harry met Sammy, a tale of two kitties

Samantha “Sammy” Rebecca Rodriguez-Harris I had my own inside. It was great. Humans who served me well, places to look outside, warm. Then one day, the humans brought in this little grey and white thing they called Harry. At first I thought he was cute. Wasn’t too adept at say, covering his poo, but IContinue reading “Cat Fiction: When Harry met Sammy, a tale of two kitties”

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