Casey Anthony Doc

A strong woman!

Just watched this.


As a survivor of sexual abuse it hit home.

I remember this case. I along with everyone condemned her. She killed her kid so she could party like most people in their early 20’s. That was the narrative.

How could she smile when her child was missing?

Why was her child missing for a month and she didn’t report it?

It’s answered in this documentary. Somewhat, unfortunately for her.

I can’t imagine the horrible pain she went through. Losing her child, and everyone, including her family, blaming her.

No one wants to believe that such horrible things would happen to a child.

But they do.

Everyday and every night.

It’s easier to condemn than it is to work things out. Easier to believe a mother would murder her child, and call her “evil” than it is to try and understand systemic abuse.

Casey was as much a victim as was her daughter.

It’s not easy to reconcile that as humans. We are designed to survive.

I’m glad she gathered the strength to participate in this doc.

She had to.

I know, that experience of being silenced has to end in order to go on. It’s imperative to survive.

It doesn’t make anything go away though,the pain will always be there. You will never not blame yourself. The difference is crucial though.

The difference is, the narrative, it could be, You’re crazy and a liar,or, this happened and you’re telling the truth.

When you’re a child in the throes of abuse, you don’t know what’s happening. And you most likely blame yourself. It’s often done by someone you and everyone else loves. So,what case do you have? You compartmentalize it. it wasn’t this person.

If this is your experience,it changes you.

Completely and for good.

This doc affected me greatly. Mostly because of the certainty of the investigating officers. They had no idea that trauma was a thing. And they had every responsibility to.

After all, they were orchestrating a person’s potential death.

Hat’s off to Casey Anthony for this.

I wish I could hug her, even though hugging isn’t safe for people who’ve been sexually abused. Even though we do it all the time and turn ourselves off when it’s happening.

We reserve the right to rescind hugs. Without question.

One more thing to understand.

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