Thank God For My Cats!

I’m someone who takes on the emotions of others. Not just in the moment as it’s happening, those emotions fester within me for an uncomfortable length of time. I used to think this might be a personal flaw, a sign of emotional intolerance when it comes to others but I can handle my own emotions.Continue reading “Thank God For My Cats!”

The Refugee

Imagine you’re standing in a large open field under a suddenly darkened cloudy sky. All of a sudden….BOOM!!! Deafening thunder followed by massive lightning reaching from the sky like a neon skeletal claw grabbing at anything within reach, scorching the field just inches from where you are. This has happened many times before, you knowContinue reading “The Refugee”

Communication Breakdown

IT’S TOO HOT IN HERE! You turned the heat completely off. So, you turn it off? IT WAS TOO HOT!! So you turned it off, not down. Do you feel a draft? (Shrugs) Yes, because it’s -4 and you turned the heat off. OH MY GOD! IT’S SO COLD!! Yes, because you turned the heatContinue reading “Communication Breakdown”

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