The progress of women in the recent past from the pov of an almost “older” woman

I grew up in a passively sexist society. The 1980’s. This time warranted the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. I can relate. I washed dishes while my brother, the same age, was left to his own devices with his transformers and his castle grey skull. My She-Ra and little ponies wouldContinue reading “The progress of women in the recent past from the pov of an almost “older” woman”

Sexual Vs Sensual: Part 2

She was in the elevator….. she regretted her decision immediately. He wanted sex. She couldn’t give him that. He might just take it. It would be be understandable if he just took it. She hadn’t thought this thorough. She braced herself for anything. If anything, she’d have empty sex and it would last till theContinue reading “Sexual Vs Sensual: Part 2”

Hot Flash

As a woman I’ve often heard about hot flashes. These are things that happen to older women and they’re often met with an eye roll. Like they’re not really happening and should just be shrugged off. I admit, as a young woman, whenever an older woman complained about a hot flash, I thought she wasContinue reading “Hot Flash”

Give yourself a gift and recognize a gift

Everyday I judge myself for the things I haven’t done. I don’t have kids. I don’t own a business. I haven’t changed the world as a whole. What if, helping an older lady up the stairs on the subway platform was enough. What if deciding to be positive today was enough. What if saying, excuseContinue reading “Give yourself a gift and recognize a gift”

Another man’s trash: Why You should mindful of want you say

We don’t all understand what the other has been through. What they’ve experienced throughout their lives. What upsets one may not upset the other. What is wonderful to one is triggering to another. Let’s talk about the word “triggering.“ Some may think it means to gently annoy. Or to make someone roll their eyes orContinue reading “Another man’s trash: Why You should mindful of want you say”

The Pure Love of a Familiar

A familiar is a companion. Whether it’s a positive good thing is up for debate, historically speaking. According to Wikipedia: In European folklore of the medieval and early modern periods, familiars (sometimes referred to as familiar spirits) were believed to be supernatural entities that would assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic.Continue reading “The Pure Love of a Familiar”

Post pandemic anxiety

There’s something called “floating anxiety”. I’ve experienced it before as a teen in the throws of PTSD. I had recovered memories, age 14, that threw me for a loop. I dealt with it in my 20’s and beyond. These recovered memories. Was triggered by a touch, or the idea of a touch. I grew toContinue reading “Post pandemic anxiety”

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