NYC, Determined to make your out of borough commute a nightmare Pt. 2

25 minutes later, we got in our Uber and inched downtown on 5th Avenue towards Union square. We caught every light, and almost collided with a speeding car when the driver ran a red light. It would’ve gone right through us if our driver didn’t have that automatic break feature. We cared for about twoContinue reading “NYC, Determined to make your out of borough commute a nightmare Pt. 2”

NYC, determined to make your outer borough commute home a nightmare

New York City has seen a few hurricanes and tropical storms. Nothing like the southern coastal states but maybe that’s the problem. We’re not always prepared. This past Saturday, we were visited by Tropical Storm Henry. That horrible bitch. It came quickly and wreaked local temporary havoc. When you happen to be on an outContinue reading “NYC, determined to make your outer borough commute home a nightmare”


Fear is a great friend. It acts as the protagonist to your antagonist in your own personal movie giving you a reason to overcome obstacles. Is that what its meant to do? Let’s go with that for a moment. Fear tells you all kinds of things. It tells you, live in a house boat. ThereContinue reading “Fear”

I Was a Nanny

I’ve had many jobs. Cashier and eventually key holder at Dunkin doughnuts, Food emporium, deli worker, telemarketer, bagel emporium worker, local library clerk. Before that, during the week, 13 to 20, I was a babysitter. At 13 I watched a couple of kids. They were great. I remember one in particular, a little girl whoContinue reading “I Was a Nanny”

I was 18

I went to a club. I made myself up, full makeup, clothing that I thought would make me look older. I went with my girlfriend who was so excited to go dancing. We got in, wearing bracelets that told the bartender we were underage. We initially had a great time. Loved the music, we danced.Continue reading “I was 18”

As I Am

Here I am. In all my glory. Happy on the outside. Afraid of everything on the inside. Here’s 21 year old me looking much more convincing,holding my cat Curtie. Still afraid of Everything. Here’s me in my 30’s. Shielded by the sun but still afraid. Of success mostly. Here’s 2021 me, 45. No armor, afraidContinue reading “As I Am”

Podcast Recomendation

This is a podcast discussing mental health issues from the point of view of those labeled and subsequently stigmatized from as early as five years old. Both hosts are young moms and want to do better by their children. I should clarify, I say “young” but that’s relative isn’t it? I mean they are noContinue reading “Podcast Recomendation”

The importance of being heard

When I was five, in kindergarten, there was another Cindy. To tell us apart, the teacher decreed that I be called by my full name, Cynthia, which I was not accustomed to. Didn’t sound like me. Especially because my twin brother was Bobby. Robert to be fair, but Bobby to us. Just like Cindy andContinue reading “The importance of being heard”

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