Inside Christmas: 1892, Worst Year Ever! Ep. 9

Shimmy I got my cell phone today! That’s what it’s called. It’s short for cellular telephone. It’s bigger than I thought it would be but that’s okay because I LOVE IT!!!! It’s wearing a purple coat, Susan said it’s a “case”, but I think it’s cuter to call it a coat. It makes me smile!Continue reading “Inside Christmas: 1892, Worst Year Ever! Ep. 9”

Inside Christmas: Leafhoppers Vs Jingles Ep. 4

Leafhoppers Jingles was such an Easter bunny at dinner tonight! I asked him to pass the marshmallows and he immediately crossed his arms looked away and said he wouldn’t pass me anything ever again until I apologize for making faces behind his back at the meeting. How did he even know that? Jingles I toldContinue reading “Inside Christmas: Leafhoppers Vs Jingles Ep. 4”

Inside Christmas: The Interbox Ep.3

Jingles Santa said he was sorry I was sorry. Sorry I’m sorry!? He’s sorry I felt sad. Not that he made me feel sad! It’s like he’s sorry but not really sorry? I can’t stop thinking about this! Good luck getting to sleep tonight Jingles! I don’t know how I’m going to run the twoContinue reading “Inside Christmas: The Interbox Ep.3”