Inside Christmas: Arms Folded, Chin Up! Ep. 8

Santa’s late for work, all the elves wonder why, Jingles tries to confront Santa, Leafhoppers takes matters into her own hands, Shimmy loves the drama, PebbleBrooke is happy!

Inside Christmas: Leafhoppers Vs Jingles Ep. 4

Leafhoppers Jingles was such an Easter bunny at dinner tonight! I asked him to pass the marshmallows and he immediately crossed his arms looked away and said he wouldn’t pass me anything ever again until I apologize for making faces behind his back at the meeting. How did he even know that? Jingles I toldContinue reading “Inside Christmas: Leafhoppers Vs Jingles Ep. 4”

Inside Christmas: The Interbox Ep.3

Jingles Santa said he was sorry I was sorry. Sorry I’m sorry!? He’s sorry I felt sad. Not that he made me feel sad! It’s like he’s sorry but not really sorry? I can’t stop thinking about this! Good luck getting to sleep tonight Jingles! I don’t know how I’m going to run the twoContinue reading “Inside Christmas: The Interbox Ep.3”

Inside Christmas: Inappropriate Singing Ep. 2

Leafhoppers I peeked at Santa’s office today. He wasn’t there but I did see the box that Pears was talking about. It looked scary. It was a box but it wasn’t wrapped! Not even a bow! I almost couldn’t enjoy my hot cocoa. I drank it but still. Mrs. Clause saw me look! We lockedContinue reading “Inside Christmas: Inappropriate Singing Ep. 2”

Inside Christmas: Exclusive elf journal entries Ep. 1

What you are about to read is highly classified information directly from the North Pole. I can’t say much about how and why I came into possession of these items but I can say they were sent by real Christmas elves. They just got internet and feel a need for the world to hear theirContinue reading “Inside Christmas: Exclusive elf journal entries Ep. 1”

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