Inside Christmas: Leafhoppers Vs Jingles Ep. 4

The dinner table at Leafhoppers and Jingles’ two family house.


Jingles was such an Easter bunny at dinner tonight! I asked him to pass the marshmallows and he immediately crossed his arms looked away and said he wouldn’t pass me anything ever again until I apologize for making faces behind his back at the meeting. How did he even know that?


I told Leafhoppers I was mad at her at dinner. I was going to wait till after but she was just so dismissive casually asking for the marshmallows like she didn’t make fun of me at the meeting!


For the second time ever, Leafhoppers didn’t want to have a snowball fight! I told Mrs. Clause, I mean, Susan, about the first time, she said maybe Leafhoppers is pro occupied. Pre? Can’t remember don’t really know what that means. I asked my mom what it means and she didn’t know either but she said that Mrs….fudge brownies!! SUSAN, went to human school down south and learned things we don’t in our schools. So, I guess she’s right. Leafhoppers is just pro occupied.


Even if Jingles did see me, that still doesn’t explain why he keeps checking up on me more than the other elves, or has been leaving his cocoa cup in the sink without even rinsing it! He does it at the workshop too! Apples told me she saw a dried up marshmallow in his cup the other day! It’s like he’s thinking about other things so much that he isn’t paying attention to what he’s doing! Ooohhh I wish there was a word for that! I’d say “Jingles!” Then I’d cross my arms, “You know what you are!?” Then I’d call him that word!


I talked to Leafhoppers again after dinner. Both our moms insisted. They said we’re not allowed to come to the dinner table mad again. After a while of both of us crossing our arms and looking away, she accused me of leaving empty cocoa cups in the sink, then stomped away! I didn’t think I did so I asked everyone else in the house and guess what? I did! That’s not like me. I guess I’ll have to apologize.


Leafhoppers stopped by my house to walk to the workshop together! She said she had a fight with Jingles but it was okay now. She said she feels bad because Jingles thought because they live together they’d be best friends at work. She told me to be extra nice to him. I will because Leafhoppers is my prettiest bestest friend! Susan says Jingles is…I think she said “stressed in” because Santa talks to him about the glowing box on his desk and what’s inside it. She says elves won’t understand it and he shouldn’t tell him. I’ll offer Jingles an extra cookie today.


We’re still behind in dolls and bears and now letter reading! I went down to the mail room to talk to Pears and see what was going on, and she said some of the elves were confused and not reading as quickly. Pears said it was because Apples, Shimmy and Leafhoppers were coming down to talk to her sometimes! Everybody knows letter reading elves can’t handle change in routine, they’ll just start spinning! I saw Cederwood spinning so much that he bumped into Winkleberry who started spinning too! Pears took them both into her office before all the others started spinning. I should talk to Leafhoppers about it but then she’ll accuse me of singling her out! Santa said I could ask him to ask his interbox anything and it would answer immediately. I think I will but after I eat these cookies. PebbleBrooke gave me two!

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  1. Can’t wait until they get started on the interbox!

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