Inside Christmas: Clause Vs. Clause Ep. 6

The view from the mailroom of the staircase up to the workshop. It has to be behind a door to avoid any unnecessary entry that would confuse the reading elves.


Mrs. Clause held an emergency meeting. She said we all need to focus more on our work and if we were having trouble we could make an appointment with Shimmy to talk to her and that we could have a cookie in her office but only if we needed to talk to her, not because we wanted an extra cookie. Good to know because I was immediately thinking, is it a different kind of cookie than the cookie of the day? She looked right at me before she left. I was so surprised that I froze up! She’s nice and all but I think she’s a little scary. Maybe because she’s a giant.


Mrs. Clause called me into her office before the emergency meeting. She asked me if I was okay. I didn’t want to tell her but she said, “you can tell me”. I just broke down in tears and I told her everything! Everything about Leafhoppers not being my best friend at work, the letter reading elves spinning, how I found an empty cocoa cup in the sink and realized it was mine… everything! She gave me a snickerdoodle, she knows that’s my favorite, It’s the first question on the workshop employment form, and then she said the most important things.


I heard Jingles crying in Susan’s office before the meeting. I cried too. So did Shimmy. She was there. When he came out we both hugged him. Then, Susan came out and hugged us all. It was nice. She told us to not worry. I’m going to do that. I had a job to do anyway. There were cookies to hand out at the end of the meeting and I said “Ta Daaaaaa” when I came in with the tray. I heard that from Santa’s box today. He laughed and so did the elves! It was great!!


Jingles was really nice at dinner. He actually asked me if I wanted the marshmallows! He knows I always want extra marshmallows. It was nice! Too nice. Why now? He’s never done that before. I think it’s the box. My plan worked and I was able to not only see the side of it but a little bit of the front! No lamp! None! It was just lit up but not like a Christmas tree! I think, and I could be wrong, that it had writing on it! Like it was messages. I really want to talk to it. PebbleBrooke said it talks. Must find a way to be alone with it. Just it and me. I bet it’s really nice.


Mrs. Clause said nothing is my fault or Leafhoppers. She said that Leafhoppers doesn’t know about the spinning because she’s a stuffer and went to the stuffing academy. They only learn about bears which is just as important as everything even managing. I don’t know anything about stuffing because I’m not a stuffer. I just know stuffing has to be done! It all makes sense. Leafhoppers didn’t go down to the mail room because she’s bad, she just wanted to talk to Pears. I’m not mad at her anymore! I even offered her the marshmallows at dinner and she hugged me! Mrs. Clause said everything’s topsy turvy and not my fault and it has something to do with the interbox. She said she’d talk to Santa about it.


I heard Susan and Santa talking in her office. They were using outside voices so I could hear. I was listening so that was nice of them. Susan’s great! Susan said she didn’t want Jingles to know about the “computer” too fast because it’s “over- well- Ming”. I wrote that down. Santa said she was “over reeakting” wrote that down too. Then Susan said Leafhoppers was trying to look at it because she lives with Jingles and is friends with Shimmy and Pears and probably heard about it and that’s why bear stuffing is behind. She said it was all Santa’s fault but Santa said it wasn’t. I’m gonna have to think it was Santa’s fault because Susan is my best friend. I still love Santa and can’t wait to bring him his cookie later!

Published by Cindy

For money, I’m what you call a banquet captain. That means I’m in charge of timing and staff at special events, weddings, benefits, movie premiere parties...ect. I’m also a filmmaker and freelance writer. I’m owned by two cats, Samantha and Harrison Chase who reluctantly allow me to travel, something I’m made to do.

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