Inside Christmas: Joining the 21st Century Ep. 7

Jingles’ favorite ornament. No one else likes it because “it’s not shiny enough”.


Santa let me sit in front of the interbox today. He showed me how to type in words and then they showed up on the front of the box! I liked it but it felt very strange. I guess it’s because I don’t know how it’s happening. I hate that. I was picked for the management academy because I was curious so I guess it’s a good thing? I’ll ask Santa to tell the interbox to explain itself to me. I’ll refuse to sit in front of it until then. Refuse! I’ll cross my arms after I say that to Santa so he knows I mean it.


I saw Jingles sitting in front of the box today. It was funny. He’s tall but he looked really small sitting at Santa’s giant desk. He looked confused when he came out. He just stopped right by my station and stood still. It’s definitely the box. I really need to talk to it. Oh no! I think I’m saying this out loud!


I know the perfect place to put my shiny new phone! On my new desk! That’s right! I got a desk!! ME! Only managers and Shimmy have desks! Shimmy said she’s going to be learning about internet computers, so she needs me to answer the phone and write down messages. I say, “hello, you’ve reached the office of Mrs. Clause (I won’t say Susan that’s just me and Shimmy that call her that) may I take a message?” I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Shimmy, 1,000 years old, Mrs. Clause’s Executive Assistant, self confessed pot stirrer

I forgot to tell PebbleBrooke to actually listen to the person calling on the phone. My bad. I’ll explain again. It’s not his fault. We were all young once. He’s an all trades elf, though, so he should get it pretty quickly. I hope so, because if he doesn’t Susan will blame me! I’m the one that convinced her he was the perfect elf to fill in for me when I’m at my lessons. Honestly, I just think he’s nice to be around. Plus, he basically knows everything about everyone at the workshop! Oh My Snowflakes! He’s just like the internet computer! Oh, and he’s in love with Leafhoppers. She has no idea! Ha ha!


Something’s up with Leafhoppers. She’s been thinking out loud. She does that in her sleep, that’s how I always know what she dreams about. I used to do that before the academy. It was always because I didn’t understand something. I know she’s really interested in the interbox and she keeps asking me about it but I promised Santa I wouldn’t talk to any of the elves about it. I have to keep my promise because Santa said the workshop is “joining the 21st century”, whatever that means. He says it every time he wants me to come to his office. “Come, Jingles! We’re joining the 21st century!” Or today he called my desk and said “Hello, is this Jingles? This is the 21st century!” He thinks it’s really funny. I don’t but no elf can resist laughing when someone else laughs. It’s just like singing.


I think I found a way to talk to the box! I’ll convince Jingles to choose me to be one of the elves that stays at the workshop a week before Christmas. That’s in two days! I’ll have some extra cocoa before nap time, I’ll pretend to fall asleep but actually I’ll be awake! I’ll sneak into Santa’s office and introduce myself to the box. I’m going to make a list if questions. Hopefully I’m just writing this down and not saying it. Jingles is here and he’s looking at me. He looks worried. I’ll talk to him.


On my way to Santa’s office for my lesson, I saw Leafhoppers talking to Jingles. Those two are always mad at each other for something. Drama! I walked extra slow so I could hear them. Apparently, Leafhoppers is thinking out loud and she wants to know more about the internet computer. She’s going to write a list of questions to ask it! Ha ha! That won’t work! Jingles said he would help her if he could. He can’t. Maybe I shouldn’t have told her about it? That’s what Susan says. I’ll talk to Apples about this at mid morning break and we’ll both talk to Leafhoppers at lunch.


The Easter bunny called! I know because I answered the red shiny phone! Everyone says E-Bun, that’s what he said to write down and that Susan would understand, is mean. But I don’t think so! He did call me Pebblewhat instead of PebbleBrooke but that’s okay. I’ll just remind him again what my name is the next time he calls. Instead of just “hello, this is Mrs.Clauses office”, I’ll say, “hello, my name is PebbleBrooke, this is Mrs. Clauses office.”


Guess what!? Jingles said he wants to talk to the box too! After dinner tonight we’re going to write a list of questions together and he’ll insist that the box answer them before he agrees to sit in front of it again. He said he would cross his arms after saying that so it has to work! I told him he should also point his chin up. I think that will really make the box listen! I’m having lunch with Shimmy and Apples. I’ll show them the crossed arms chin up thing and see what they think. Ok, I’m definitely saying this out loud because everyone’s looking at me including Mrs. Clause! Oh no! I said “exclamation point!”

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