Inside Christmas: How to Deal With Difficult Co-Workers Ep. 5

The napping room at the workshop. A week before Christmas, some elves are chosen to stay full time at the workshop to fulfill outstanding orders.


Jingles was in Santa’s office almost all day today! They were looking at the box (Jingles just stood there with his mouth wide open) which I still haven’t seen from the front. There has to be a lamp in there. Has to! I’m gonna come up with a plan to somehow get in there. Think Leafhoppers, think!


This morning when I went to Shimmy’s desk to get the cookie schedule, she was talking on the phone. I’ve always wanted to use a phone so I asked her to show me how she does it. She told me I could have it because she’s getting a new one! She called it a “small internet computer”. I wrote that down right away so I wouldn’t forget. I like the one she has now, it’s red and shiny! I can’t wait for the small internet computer to come! CAN’T WAIT!!!


After mid morning break, PebbleBrooke stopped by my station. He told me he was getting a phone. I don’t know why he would want one, what would he do with it? Maybe just look at it? Hope for his sake it’s shiny. I asked when he was getting it, he said when Shimmy gets her, then he showed me a piece of paper with “small internet computer” written on it. WHAT THE FUDGE BROWNIES!!!???? Apples and Pears are going to love this. Can’t wait for lunch!


Leafhoppers invited me to sit with her at lunch! ME! I’m so excited I can’t stop smiling! I’m gonna go to the napping room and sing! Those are the rules. If you must sing, do it in the napping room. I can’t wait to see what I sing!!!


I got it! I’ll ask Pears if I could be the one that brings the afternoon toy production list to Santa! That would put me right in his office. I’ll say why it’s me doing that and not Pears, I’ll make it something really long so I can look at the box at least from the side. There would have to be a lamp cord that hooks it up to the Christmas cheer plug. There would just have to! Going down to ask her now!


I’m so mad at Leafhoppers! I was in Santa’s office looking at his Interbox. I asked it “how can I deal with a difficult co worker” and it told me but I forgot because Leafhoppers came in with the afternoon production list! She went down to the mail room to get it and because of that ALL the letter reading elves started spinning! They kept bumping into each other, knocking into desks and chairs! Pears had to set the spinning alarm off! I’m mad at Pears too, she went to the management academy, she took job related elf behavior! I guess being down there with no one to talk to would be lonely. They all just read except her. I also asked the interbox “how can I stop being mad at someone” and I’m doing it now. Think of the situation from the others’ point of view. That’s what it said. I’m not mad at Pears but Leafhoppers? Definitely going to talk to her and maybe even raise my voice like she did to me yesterday!

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