Inside Christmas: Arms Folded, Chin Up! Ep. 8

The workshop break room.


I’m about to talk to Santa about the interbox. I refuse to sit down in front of it until it explains itself to me! I kept repeating that over and over the entire walk here. When I stopped at the chocolate shop for my morning peppermint cocoa, I said it to Poinsettia instead of ordering from her! She laughed which made me laugh. She knows what I meant. I’ve been getting my morning peppermint cocoa there for a thousand years. Poinsettia always smiles really really big when I come in and her ears perk up. I always say, “Top of the morning to ya!” and I take my workshop hat off. Santa said that for about a week straight every morning a few years ago. Hey! Look at that! I’m thinking of something other than the box!


Apples and Shimmy loved the arms crossed chin up move I came up with for Jingles when he confronts Santa about the box. They were amazed! In fact Apples said she was thinking about it all night! That’s how effective it’s going to be! Jingles was practicing what he was going to say all morning, he said it to Poinsettia instead of his usual nonsense. Top of the mountain for ya! Something like that. I tune him out sometimes. Santa’s not here yet which is strange. But, the first thing he does after going to all the stations and saying good morning, is, call Jingles into his office. Then it’s showtime!


I got to write things down for Susan and Santa this morning! Shimmy gave me my cookie schedule then a pad of paper and a quill! It was a blue quill! I’ve never seen that, so, I couldn’t hide my excitement! I was jumping up and down! Here are some of the notes. 1. Teach Jingles everything about the computer and how it works. 2. Find out why Shimmy’s sell phone isn’t here yet. I thought Susan said “amazing” but it was “Amazon”. 3. See if there is an opening at the Management Academy for Leafhoppers. Who knows what any of that means, I’m just happy it was me who wrote it down! WITH A BLUE QUILL!!


Oh PebbleBrooke, PebbleBrooke, PebbleBrooke. Bless his heart. That’s what Susan says when Santa does something she thinks is dumb. I thought he’d never stop jumping up and down when I gave him his quill. It was the blue one and I do know that blue is his favorite color. His hat is blue, over coat, his tights even his slippers! I should have known. Ha ha! I bet all the elves are wondering why Santa is late this morning. He’s still in Susan’s office. The last time they did this is when they added the electric Christmas cheer boxes and the four phones. It’s because they’re planning on installing the computer and internet so we can communicate down south. I hope he comes out soon. I want to be there with Leafhoppers and Apples when Jingles does his arms crossed chin up thing. It’s going to be hilarious!


I can’t believe it! When Santa called me into his office, today, he said “Jingles, meet me in the 21st century in five!”, I was absolutely shocked at what happened! All I had to do was fold my arms, I was about to point my chin up, then, Santa said he was going to tell me all about the interbox! I crossed my arms so well, that he just knew what I wanted!


I can’t believe Jingles! He crossed his arms just like he said he was going to do, but didn’t raise his chin! Then Santa started talking and Jingles just stood there shocked with his mouth wide open! He looked ridiculous and I’m pretty sure his ears were twitching. Not as bad as they did when he was at the management academy but still. Stick to the plan Jingles!! I’ll have to stick to my original plan of pretending to be asleep like all the other Christmas overnight elves this week and sneaking into Santa’s office. I’ll walk very slowly around Santa’s desk so the box knows someone’s there and I’ll also say “ahem” just in case it was sleeping and didn’t hear me walking. I’ve got my list of questions all ready to go! PebbleBrooke is here. Why is he just watching me?


I went to Leafhoppers to give her a cookie, and the funniest thing happened! She was writing in her journal but she was saying things out loud! She’s the smartest! It was so funny when she said I was there, then she looked at me, then she wrote something down but also said why was I there? She writes with a red quill. Not surprised because red is her favorite. Her whole uniform is red! I notice these things now. Susan thinks there needs to be more managers now because they’re going to promote both Shimmy and Jingles and she talks about Leafhoppers too so maybe she’ll be a manager? If Leafhoppers can write things and talk out loud at the same time, then she can definitely be a manager! As long as she still has time for our after work snowball fights, I think that would be great!


I might be surrounded by idiots.

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  1. Made a list of all the elves to discuss their roles with you. That interbox is making a huge difference in their lives.

    On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 7:06 PM Occasionally Positive wrote:

    > Cindy posted: ” The workshop break room. Jingles I’m about to talk to > Santa about the interbox. I refuse to sit down in front of it until it > explains itself to me! I kept repeating that over and over the entire walk > here. When I stopped at the chocolate shop f” >

  2. this….interbox….Jingles is going to be disappointed, i feel like.
    Are you creating these “sets” in the photos?? If so you are amazing!
    …if not…yer still pretty awesome!!


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