The Radio

Fandango’s Story Starter #103 When Ida discovered that she could hear the voices of the dead speaking to her when she tuned into a certain radio station, she decided to live. She had been planning on killing herself for the better part of a month and felt a sense of relief for the first timeContinue reading “The Radio”

Another Days Work: Part 6

Just as we were about to break, Ptuto raised his hand. Shiah saw this and nodded. “Did he sign the letter?” It was a great question. No one was legally allowed to print the Pharaoh’s name without him knowing about it. “I mean…. yes? Sure?” Shiah hesitated for a moment. It was telling. This sentContinue reading “Another Days Work: Part 6”

Another Days Work: Part 5

“Our Pharaoh has assured us that he will do everything he can to keep us safe. I myself saw him write a letter to his father, who as you all know rests in the field of reeds at its highest point!” Ptomeses groaned and shook his head. He didn’t like this Pharaoh or his father.Continue reading “Another Days Work: Part 5”

Another days work: part 4

Shiah took a deep breath in, her eyes closed, chin up to the sun god, then she exhaled, her chin down to to the god of the underworld, set. This couldn’t have been good. “There is talk from the north. The kingdom of Greece. There is talk of expansion.” We all knew what that meant.Continue reading “Another days work: part 4”

Another days work: part 3

Once again, I didn’t get to the fountain quick enough. There were already 6 men in front of me, drinking their morning water. We got four bowls each. It was enough at the time but given what we knew was in store for the day, it was never enough. By first break, we’d all beContinue reading “Another days work: part 3”

Another days work: part 2

I saw Ptuto leading multiple women with jugs of water to the fountain. He was my boss and always claimed to be awake before us. We all thought he was exaggerating, talking about his lack of sleep because he’d go to the wells while “we were dreaming” but at least today, he wasn’t. The womenContinue reading “Another days work: part 2”

Another days work, on the first great pyramid.

I woke up in darkness. No one had lit the morning fires. That was unusual so I stayed in my sleeping quarters for a moment. I could hear snoring. It was like a blade sharpening on a stone wheel. Ptomeses. He’d broken his nose moons ago when we were kids. It had never healed right.Continue reading “Another days work, on the first great pyramid.”

Sensual vs Sexual: a narrative story Part 1

She took her time walking through midtown. It was already 1:30 AM. The last train had left the station at 1:15. She’d been working at the club. She’d made a connection with a customer and gotten lost in his eyes. Normally she’d give herself a good amount of time to transform into her everyday self.Continue reading “Sensual vs Sexual: a narrative story Part 1”

The Politician

This is a piece of the same story as my previous short fiction post “The Protester” which I have updated. I’m playing around with timing. Right now, in the writing, this happens right after Mariah and crew begin their protest but in the world the story takes place in, about a week before. Please letContinue reading “The Politician”

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