Inside Christmas: Exclusive elf journal entries Ep. 1

What you are about to read is highly classified information directly from the North Pole. I can’t say much about how and why I came into possession of these items but I can say they were sent by real Christmas elves. They just got internet and feel a need for the world to hear their voices and know there are thinking, feeling beings behind all the Christmas magic we feel each year.

I’ll share the first few entries they’ve sent then more when I get them. They’ve declined to send actual pictures of themselves so I’ve opted to show you an elderly gnome.

An elderly gnome

They’re the southern cousins of elves. They have however sent some photos of landmarks important to them.

Leafhoppers: Workshop stuffer, 800 years old, comes from a long line of expert stuffers, proud to be where she is

Today was a doozy! I guess Santa was in a mood which made Jingles extra micromanagey. He came up to my station 5 times in one hour to check my work! I mean, I’ve been stuffing teddy bears for 600 years! PERFECTLY! I’m seriously thinking of complaining directly to Mrs. Clause but then I’d be that elf! Nobody likes a complainer. Especially in Santa’s village. I swear, one of these days I’m just going to LOSE IT!

Jingles: Workshop Manager, 2,000 years old, met the Easter bunny once, didn’t like him

Santa was a real Easter bunny today. Didn’t laugh once! Not once! I did everything I could to stay away from him. I don’t like that kind of negativity. It affects me really really badly. My ears start tingling, my nose starts twitching. It’s embarrassing! It takes me right back to the academy. My instructor was so demanding and serious, he’d allow himself only one half of a cookie at cookie time! That’s not healthy! I would twitch and tingle and he started calling me “Twingle”! Right back there today!

The Great Meeting hall at the Elf management academy

PebbleBrooke, Worksop sweeper, 300 years old, enjoys making snow balls in his spare time

I love my life, I love my life, I love my life! I got to hand out the cookies today!! Everyone loves the elf that hands out the cookies! Plus, the cookie hander is picked by Mrs. Clause herself! MRS. CLAUSE!!!!! Out of all of us in the workshop, she chose ME! I did a really good job too! At the end, I held the tray with one hand and gave out the cookies with the other! All the elves clapped when I did that! Great day!!

PebbleBrookes childhood summer home down south


I can’t believe it! On my way home from work, I saw Apples and Pears at the chocolate shop. We started talking and it turns out Jingles was all over them too! Apples said she saw Santa NOT SMILE at him! I’ve literally never seen Santa not smile! I wonder what’s going on? Pears thinks it has something to do with the box on his desk at the workshop. She said he’s always looking at it and it has a board in front of it with buttons on it. Not the kind for sewing. He never smiles at it. I think she’s right! Tomorrow, I’m going to take the long way to the hot cocoa machine on my mid morning break and peek in.

Leafhoppers’ favorite feather tree.


Can’t sleep. I had my bedtime candy cane and normally I just pass out but not tonight. I think it’s because some of the elves are mad at me. I saw Leafhoppers, Apples and Pears talking at the chocolate shop. They stopped the minute I walked in and all pretended they were doing something else. Yeah right! I know the elves don’t like it that I check on their work but that’s my job! I’m the one that has to answer to the Clauses! Apples and Pears? Fine. But Leafhoppers!? I couldn’t handle it and I ran out crying! At least I wasn’t “twingling”! Oh, boy. Don’t think I’m getting much sleep tonight!


I made 600 snow balls when I got home. I made a snow ball wall. I hid behind it and jumped out at Leafhoppers when she passed by. We laughed about it then we had a snowball fight! Leafhoppers is the best, most prettiest elf EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to come soon!

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