Another days work: part 2

I saw Ptuto leading multiple women with jugs of water to the fountain.

He was my boss and always claimed to be awake before us.

We all thought he was exaggerating, talking about his lack of sleep because he’d go to the wells while “we were dreaming” but at least today, he wasn’t.

The women poured their water into the fountain.

I suddenly became very thirsty.

I had to ignore this because I wasn’t permitted to drink or even be awake before the appropriate time.

I headed back to my sleeping quarters.

All the fires were lit now.

I could easily make my way back to my sleeping quarters.

It wasn’t hard to find. I just listened to Ptomeses snoring.

When it became unbearable, I knew I was there.

Just as I lay down, I heard the morning wake up call from Ptuto.

“Get up! Time to meet Ra and see another day!”

I always thought Ptuto was great.

He was a former slaver turned job site manager due to the fact that he was caught letting his slaves go free by the Pharaoh’s men.

The truth is he’d never really believed in the slave culture and had subsequently fallen in love with a slave.

The rumor was that his lover was a male slave and he’d professed his love and lived on some sort of commune.

Everyone was equal and they were some kind of family.

Not unheard of but unlikely nonetheless.

I made my way to the fountain.

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