Another days work: part 4


Shiah took a deep breath in, her eyes closed, chin up to the sun god, then she exhaled, her chin down to to the god of the underworld, set.

This couldn’t have been good.

“There is talk from the north. The kingdom of Greece. There is talk of expansion.”

We all knew what that meant.

A change in management and worse, ideas.

Shiah herself knew better than anyone. The kingdom of Kush was constantly being attacked by older Kingdoms from the west and south.

There was this new idea of expansion.

It used to be a kingdom would send an army, conquer, take anything they wanted and went back home.

Now, it seemed like kingdoms wanted to own everything and everyone.

I didn’t really get it.

Why would anyone want that?

You wake up, you bless the Gods, and you work.

More importantly, you live that day, put in a hard days work for your family and love who you love in your heart.

Shiah spoke again.

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