Ice Age Buffet: Part 1

Ever wonder what life in the ice age was like if you were in charge of a great feast? Wonder no more!

If I Told You a Secret…..

If I told you a secret, would you promise to keep it? She asked. She was drunk. Derrick answered yes, unfortunately. She’d passed out before telling him. She didn’t know it but she had just taken a knife to their previously blissful relationship. Why would she ask that!? He was a self professed “obsessive motherContinue reading “If I Told You a Secret…..”

Inside Christmas: 1892, Worst Year Ever! Ep. 9

Shimmy I got my cell phone today! That’s what it’s called. It’s short for cellular telephone. It’s bigger than I thought it would be but that’s okay because I LOVE IT!!!! It’s wearing a purple coat, Susan said it’s a “case”, but I think it’s cuter to call it a coat. It makes me smile!Continue reading “Inside Christmas: 1892, Worst Year Ever! Ep. 9”

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