Magical Norway from an American point of view

Bergen, Norway. The singer is Evior, the female voice and the one playing the drum, a Faroes singer. From the Faroe Islands. This was a tech rehearsal for a music festival.

I visited Scandinavia a couple years ago. Couldn’t tell you how many exactly, there were a couple years that disappeared in the pandemic.

I was shocked at their philosophy when it comes to government and what the government does for the people.

They have a philosophy. From the cradle to the grave.

It means, you will be taken care of your whole life by the government.

In America, that might read as, “you don’t have to work,or do anything,you can be a lazy piece of shit, and others will pay for you.”

In Scandinavia,because this is their mindset from the beginning, it’s completely different.

They pay a lot of taxes to be sure but they see where their money goes.

They have a mindset that they all take care of children, parents of children (we don’t make this connection in the States), and the elderly as well as themselves.

From the cradle to the grave.

There are other vital differences.

Norwegian people are said to be the happiest people and I can contest to that.

And Norway has months where the sun doesn’t really rise, so that’s saying a lot.

We’re a capitalist society, a blame the individual society, it’s not healthy and we often have to figure out how to be calm amongst chaos.

Traveling shows you alternate ways of thinking.

Cheers to you, Norway, and cheers to traveling to see different ways of life.

Eiver on her own.

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