5 Reasons Why Cats are the Best!

Cats are often misunderstood. They’re sometimes thought of as cold or aloof. Selfish or malicious. They are none of these things. It’s true that a cat doesn’t give themselves over to just anyone. You have to earn their love, but when you do, you’ve got a friend for life and that’s a very cute friend you’ve got there!

Here’s five reasons why cats are just awesome!

They love to look at you

There’s something about your face they just can’t get enough of. Is it your winning smile? Your perfect skin? It’s actually your eyes. If you have cats, excuse me, if cats have you, you know how to really show your love for them. A very slow and deliberate blink then slowly look away. It says, I’m not a threat, and I love you. They’ll return the same motion. There’s nothing better than a slow blinking contest with your cat especially now!

They knead you like you’re a loaf of unbaked bread

Sammy woke up like this after air kneading in her sleep. She has very vivid dreams!

Kittens do this to their mothers when they breast feed. How cute is it that your cat thinks you’re it’s mother! That’s how highly they regard you. You’re their everything!

They roll on their backs to greet you when you come home

I’m SO glad you’re home!!

Seeing you is the best part of their day. They want to hear all about your time apart. What did you do? Who did you see? Did anything particularly cute happen?

I love you but don’t touch my adorable tummy. It triggers me!

I love it when they forcefully throw themselves down as soon as you make eye contact with them!

They talk to you and only you

Cats don’t actually speak to each other. They communicate through body language. They use their voices solely to communicate to you! After all, you’re not that smart. You need things spelled out for you.

My Harry, is particularly talkative. He has a different meow for food, attention, one he uses when he’s about to throw up, then his usual just because meow, a high pitched one syllable that ends on an up note. Isn’t it cute how high pitched male cats voices are?

Southern Charm!? I hate this show!

They move their ears in different directions

What was that?

Cats have very keen hearing. Much better than ours. It comes from being skilled hunters. They can hear a mouse in the wall before you’ll ever know it’s there. This is why they don’t like “hard walkers”. It’s the equivalent of your cat maliciously turning the volume on your TV all the way up and pressing your ear right up to the speaker.

Ha ha ha ha ha! HA HA HA HA HA!

A real cat person tip toes and is happy to do it.

Le chat. Seriously, I met this cat in France.

While dogs might get more credit as pets, they’re people pleasers, I get it, cats are just as wonderful! They’re more empathetic than any human you know and probably more appreciative! Give your cat a big hug and a kiss right now!

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  1. Your like a living Rosetta Stone for cats. Or like a U.N. interpreter for people who can’t understand cat language.

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