2020, You Bitch!

This year was shit. We can all agree across the globe about that. A virus spread like wildfire. Remember early 2020? Most people thought corona virus wasn’t really a thing or argued that the seasonal flu was worse. Even with mounting evidence to the contrary, there were still many people who said things like “it’s no different than SARS or Zika.”

Then we saw refrigerated trucks used to store dead bodies because morgues were at capacity. Massive ditches in NYC were built to throw dead bodies into with authorities saying “we just need a place to store these bodies until we can provide proper burial.” BULLSHIT! Those bodies were most likely prisoners or inmates at city jails who died and other than their families, no one cared about them.

By springtime, we couldn’t deny the enormity of this virus. Well, some could. Some people have a great capacity for denial. It’s a common defense mechanism.

The cracks in every system showed, racism reared its ugly head (it was always there but our president made it okay to come into the light, even recruited some on the fence just like Hitler) Those of us who were previously blind saw it with our own eyes, the vicious murder of George Floyd, how he was pulled over, he didn’t know why but yet pleaded with the police officers not to hurt him. How he begged for his mother when the life was being ruthlessly snuffed out of him.

They didn’t care. To them, he was a criminal who they were charged with taking down.

This would have started an uprise in any year to a degree, but because it happened when it did, more people were home, out of work with their eyes wide open and their tolerance for injustice at an all time low.

Now, there was the Corona virus and the virus that was never really addressed, systemic racism.

The media may treat this like yesterday’s news but sadly, we’re not much better as a society now than we were then despite growing unrest. This particular virus has no vaccine yet.

Over the summer there were protests that were thwarted by white supremacy groups to make them look like terrorist attacks to prove that black people are violent and unreasonable. It worked.

There have been multiple distractions, movie premieres, ect., to take away from what’s really going on. Our lawmakers made some mistakes IMO by allowing places like gyms, bars, restaurants and hair salons to open, creating a sense of false security and bringing back a premature return to normalcy causing the previously cautious to drop their guard and get together with people they haven’t seen in a while for very good reason. Cases spiked as a result and continue to today.

Make no mistake America! Your government doesn’t give a shit about you!

It doesn’t care if you live, or if you die!

You are at best, a commodity, at worst, a target.

I wish this wasn’t true because your neighbors care about you! The ones overseas and the ones next door.

This is the one good thing about this Asshole of a year. We realized that we’re all humans, we were all going through the same thing at one point then banded together when a group of fellow humans was targeted. Well, a lot of us did.

I hope we can appreciate this lesson and be there for each other as humans when our government won’t.

And, I hope we don’t forget what we saw, and felt, no matter how horrible it was and how much we want to forget it.

I think 2021 will be a test. Did we grow or were we just surviving? When we all go back to work, will we be sedated by the 9 to 5 daily grind?

I can’t wait to find out!


Published by Cindy

For money, I’m what you call a banquet captain. That means I’m in charge of timing and staff at special events, weddings, benefits, movie premiere parties...ect. I’m also a filmmaker and freelance writer. I’m owned by two cats, Samantha and Harrison Chase who reluctantly allow me to travel, something I’m made to do.

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  1. Like the picture too.

    On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 1:47 AM Occasionally Positive wrote:

    > Cindy posted: ” This year was shit. We can all agree across the globe > about that. A virus spread like wildfire. The cracks in every system > showed, racism reared its ugly head (it was always there but our president > made it okay to come into the light, recruited so” >

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