5 signs your cat is cuter than anyone else’s

It’s a fact. Cats are cute. Always have been. Even the big ones, tigers, lions, not that you’d want to approach them but don’t you kind of want to rub their tummy’s when they roll on their backs? Cats were revered in ancient Egypt but I can’t help picturing the great pharaoh Rameses like, “hewow, who’s my wuv! Is it woo?” Yes, we’re all secretly ridiculous when it comes to our cats, but no cat is cuter than yours and here’s why….

1. He sometimes sits in a cat loaf position.

Harrison Chase. This would be a good pic for the cover of his autobiography.

Just try to resist putting your hands on his hips and kissing his face. I dare you.

2. She rolls on her back and sometimes lets you rub her belly. Sometimes.

Samantha Rebecca Rodriguez-Harris. I make the vet call her this.

I mean, it’s just too good of an invitation. Even if she wraps herself around your hand biting it, it’s worth it. That’s cute too.

3. He brings a toy to bed with him. Look at Harry…

Lobster 2016-2019

Carrying a toy in his little mouth is cute enough but plopping it down on your bed, circling it, then plopping himself down next to it, better yet, on it, is just too cute.

4. She does that thing with her paws that dogs do when they’re standing.

Belle and her sausage paws

You want to kiss both of them multiple times and you don’t even care where they’ve been.

5. He likes to play “peek-a-boo” like a baby.

Who’s dat? Who? Is it Harry!? It is!!

They maybe don’t “like” playing this game, but you know you do. It’s just too too cute. Look at that little pink nose! Just look at it!!!

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