Virtual Traveling in Quarantine

One of the things I miss the most right now is traveling. I’m restless and very curious so it’s vital to my sense of fulfillment. I can’t do it often for financial reasons but I make it a point to go to another country whenever I can.

Since I can’t go anywhere right now, I’ve come to rely on videos. You tube is great for this. I love to see a video where someone just holds a camera or phone and takes a walk. It’s fantastic!

I love to hear the sounds of a place, see the different types of plant life, how the sun shines or doesn’t, hear birds or water. Also enjoy seeing signage announcing local fairs or events.

I’ve found a couple such videos that I will introduce and link to as well as a couple of my own less professional ones. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Bergen, Norway

I took this one. It’s a short walk to the center of the city where that day just happened to be a tech rehearsal for an annual music festival! The artist is Eiver, she’s singing with someone who I can’t seem to find online. They’re singing a traditional song from Viking times! Check it out!

Here’s another shorter one a little further toward the water. You can still hear Eiver. God there’s so many people! Remember people?

Longyearbyen, Svalbard – The Worlds Most Northern Inhabited Town.

Photo taken by Cecilia Blohmdal

This one comes from Cecilia Blohmdal’s vlog. I highly recommend subscribing to her channel as she posts videos of her daily life living and working in Longyearbyen. It’s so peaceful, sweeping glacial landscapes, polar bears and wild reindeer. Imagine how crisp and clean the air must be? I love the smell of cold. Really makes me reconsider my way of life. A highlight of quarantine.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Link is below after text

Next we go for a walk in Edinburgh. I recommend this channel as well. Plenty of walks to go on. I had so much fun deciding what pub I would go to if I were there! Pubs! Remember those?

Monaco, Monte-Carlo

Take a 2minute bus ride to the center of Monaco. They were getting ready for the formula 1 races, so you can see the track being built. I took this video to to look like what I would choose to look at, hence the lingering footage of the incredibly elegant movie poster when the bus stops and the impeccably dressed woman in the yellow top and scarf at the end. Fanciest public transportation I’ve ever experienced.

Let me know if you have any suggestions as to where I should “visit” next!

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For money, I’m what you call a banquet captain. That means I’m in charge of timing and staff at special events, weddings, benefits, movie premiere parties...ect. I’m also a filmmaker and freelance writer. I’m owned by two cats, Samantha and Harrison Chase who reluctantly allow me to travel, something I’m made to do.

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  1. Thank you for this Cindy, really.
    I enjoyed walking with you today, very much!
    let’s go for a walk and have lunch in Japan somewhere next!? Or Egypt!?

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