Silver Lining

Cindy and Bobby

During this pandemic, I’ve quarantined during the week. I didn’t go anywhere.

Why? Because I took this opportunity to go to my parents house in the suburbs. Every weekend.

The official reason is to do my laundry so I didn’t have to go to a public laundromat.

That’s true, but the real reason is to spend time with them.

We wore masks at all times, my dad is a cancer survivor, my mom is in contact with him.

A little subtext, I’m a twin. We lost him near our 19th birthday. 2 months after to be exact.

We’ll never forget that day.

It was devastating. I remember the day we found out. Police knocked on our door. I heard a scream from my dad I’d never heard before.

My birthday has been tainted ever since. A reminder that he hasn’t turned the age I have. I’ve learned to live half alive.

Back to the pandemic. My parents got the vaccine, obviously sooner Than I did.

Still, I came every weekend, with my laundry, and an idea of what to cook.

I heard my mom on the phone to her friends on the weekends telling people about our silver lining.

“She comes to do her laundry so she doesn’t have to do it there.”

“Then, we cook dinner.”

It’s really the latter that counts. Cooking together. Spending time with each other.

My parents are now both fully vaccinated.

I got a wonderful letter from my job, stating that I’m eligible for a vaccine. Technically, I’m a forward facing employee.

I got vaccinated, twice, my 14th day was our birthday.

March 26th.

March 26th used to be a day I was devastated. I felt on that day I was only half. Twins left behind will understand.

On that day, I hugged my mom. The first hug in a year. I don’t think either of us realized it until we lingered.

On that day, My dad went above and beyond and found a song to play for me. “If I Could”. It was perfect, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to do what I’ve wanted to do for a year. Melt into a hug with him.

Now, March 26th 2021, is the day that we, my mom, dad and myself were all fully vaccinated.

March 26th used to be a day I cringed at.

This year, instead of being the day my twin didn’t turn the age I am, it’s now the day I was safe to show my love to my mom and dad.

Never imagined a couple of hugs could be so life affirming.

This, is the biggest silver lining.

A change in our narrative.

March 26th is re branded as the day we could hug.

Silver Lining.

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For money, I’m what you call a banquet captain. That means I’m in charge of timing and staff at special events, weddings, benefits, movie premiere parties...ect. I’m also a filmmaker and freelance writer. I’m owned by two cats, Samantha and Harrison Chase who reluctantly allow me to travel, something I’m made to do.

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